Summer Hair Care Tips

Serenity has 3 Summer hair care tips that will really help to keep your hair vibrant and radiant all season long! Summers can be awfully hard on our beautiful hair. We devote so much time and spend so much money to keep our hair looking fabulous, why let Summer ruin it? Between extra sunlight, more water exposure (ocean and chlorine), lots of ponytails, and probably some wind damage, how do we keep our hair in top notch condition? Here’s 3 great tips to keep your hair healthy and happy:
 1. Clarifying Shampoo
Ever see blonde hair turn green after swimming? It’s nothing a clarifying shampoo can’t cure.  Everyone needs a bottle of clarifying shampoo in their shower! What’s the difference between a clarifying shampoo and regular shampoo? Good question. Your daily shampoo is designed to gently cleanse and moisturize, while a clarifying shampoo is meant to deep clean with the addition of more surfactants (cleaning agents). Besides just removing product build-up from your hair, a clarifying shampoo also works to gently to wash away air pollutants and reduce harmful chlorine effects. We recommend Redken Cleansing Cream, or Pureology Purify. For best results use once every 1-2 weeks. As always, we recommend that you consult directly with your stylist as every hair type has different needs.
2. UV Protection
If you’re spending lots of money on your gorgeous hair color, then you’re going to want to wear “sunscreen” for your hair. Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from harmful rays. Hair products with UV protection will minimize damage. In addition, you’ll also receive a reduction in color fading and premature aging. A couple of UV products we love – Pureology 21 Essential Benefits, and Kerastase Pink Elixir Ultime.
3. Moisture and Repair
Deep conditioning in the Summer months is vital! A mask ritual at home, or an in-salon treatment is a must during the months of June-August. Redken Chemistry or Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment will absolutely give you the strength, shine, and softness your hair craves between all your outdoor activities!
If you use a clarifying shampoo once every couple of weeks, make sure to apply UV protection and are diligent about applying a moisturizer – your hair will continue to look fabulous all season long! Please ask any Serenity Salon stylist about product recommendations for home use and in-salon treatments. Our stylists are key in helping you to have beautiful hair all year round. Please give us a call today at 303-431-5600 or contact us online. Enjoy your Summer!
– Serenity