Pureology Nano Works Gold

06 Oct 2015
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Pureology Nano Works Gold Pureology Nano Works Gold is a favorite product here at Serenity Salon. Nano Works isn’t just a favorite product of our stylists, our customers love it as well! Many of our clientele have some type of color treated hair. Our clients are always searching for products that will maintain and strengthen hair which has been colored. Pureology Nano Works Gold fits the bill perfectly. It is the ideal product to restore natural movement, providing brilliant radiance and a youthful appearance. The addition of Golden Marula Oil is a major factor in the quick absorption of this product. Marula Oil is harvested in South Africa from the nut.

Haircutting Class for Serenity Salon

01 Oct 2015
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Haircutting Class for Serenity Salon Serenity Salon recently sponsored a hair cutting class for our stylists. We often bring in top-talent to help our stylists stay on top of new trends and techniques. Continual advanced training is a cornerstone of our salon and our Serenity culture. Our latest haircutting class was devoted to short hair cutting and styling. We had 12 stylists in attendance. The host of the event was none other than the famous Redken artist, Roger Molina.  Not only were our stylists blown away by the knowledge Roger brought to the seminar, we were all captivated by his easy-going demeanor. The class was six hours long. The main.