Pedicures in Arvada Colorado

21 Sep 2015
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Pedicures in Arvada Colorado Yes, it’s true. Amazing pedicures in Arvada Colorado do exist! Serenity Salon, located conveniently within the wonderful community of Five Parks, offers a range of pedicures at an affordable price. Our Pedicures are designed to give your feet the ultimate pampering they deserve. Serenity has several different pedicure packages available. Our packages range in both the overall length of time required and price. Check out the following pedicures available at Serenity:   Express Pedi: For those of you wanting a professional look but lacking the time for a longer appointment, our Express Pedi is the ideal treatment. A soak, file and buff on the toes, sugar.

Fall Hairstyling Trends for 2015

11 Sep 2015
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Fall Hairstyling Trends for 2015 Serenity has the word on Fall hairstyling trends for 2015. This fall looks to be full of fun and fancy! There’s a lot of current trends in the world of hair. Our favorites are: Low Ponytails Deep Side Parts Messy French Twist and Chignon Bohemian Waves Leather Headbands/Accessories Hair Knots Half Up Style using Twists and Braids Using Hair Gel to Create a Sleek Headband Look Loose Waves with Middle Parts While all of these topics are near and dear to us, we think you should pay special attention to anything with a twist or braid. We’re also into Bohemian waves. The new version of.