Summer Hair Care Tips

07 Jul 2015
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Summer Hair Care Tips Serenity has 3 Summer hair care tips that will really help to keep your hair vibrant and radiant all season long! Summers can be awfully hard on our beautiful hair. We devote so much time and spend so much money to keep our hair looking fabulous, why let Summer ruin it? Between extra sunlight, more water exposure (ocean and chlorine), lots of ponytails, and probably some wind damage, how do we keep our hair in top notch condition? Here’s 3 great tips to keep your hair healthy and happy:  1. Clarifying Shampoo Ever see blonde hair turn green after swimming? It’s nothing a clarifying shampoo can’t.

Growing Long Healthy Hair

02 Jul 2015
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Growing Long Healthy Hair Growing long healthy hair is a lot harder than it may sound! As one of this season’s biggest trends this year is long hair, we thought we’d go over some key factors in keeping or growing your hair long. We’ll also mention a couple of important tips to avoid. First and foremost – if you want long, gorgeous hair you need to trim it often! If you’re serious about having luxurious long locks – then coming into the salon every 4+ months isn’t going to cut it. We’d suggest once a month if possible. If that’s not doable, at least once every 6 weeks. It’s important.