Tips to straighten hair for a smooth look that will last for days!

We all know what a challenge it can be to wash and straighten our hair before our day begins.  If you’re in a rush and pressed for time, straightening your hair can be the last thing you want to do. Never fear, Serenity has a few tips to cut down on time, protect your hair, and get the results we all expect.

What you’ll need:

  • Paddle brush
  • Comb
  • At least 1 hair clip
  • Heat protection
  • An oil or shine spray
  • A flatiron

tips to straighten hairStart off with freshly washed hair and apply a heat protector to damp hair. If you wish to apply other volume or smoothing products do so now.

Begin blow drying the hair at the roots, especially if you have curly hair. Use the paddle brush to blow dry hair in the opposite way it falls, pulling out curl or use the surface of the head for straightening (this will save time from actually flat ironing.) Continue blowing the rest of the hair with the paddle brush.

Once hair is dry, apply a light mist of shine spray or oil. Make sure this is evenly worked in. Give a quick brush through.

Now take a clip and starting at the back of your neck, leave a section down and the rest up. Use your comb to help you flatiron the section which you left down. The tension from the comb and the mist from the oil will help your flatiron glide over the hair smoother and faster. The next section you take should be right below your ears. After completing this section, move on to the smaller sections on the sides. Save the top and crown of your head for last. After completing the sides move to the top. These sections should be flat ironed straight up. If you have bangs, you’ll want to finish here. The reason for sectioning your hair in this manner is it allows you to see all the hair as you flatiron each section. Also, this means you’ll only put the flatiron to each section of hair once. If you try to skip sectioning your hair, the result is your hair will likely receive major heat damage as you’ll iron the same strands multiple times.

At this point if there are still a few frizzies, take that shine and again lightly mist those areas. You should now have a smooth and straight style that will last for days!