Featured Product of the Month

Each month we like to highlight one of our favorite products. We carry a large amount of salon-ready products at Serenity Salon. To help guide our clients in finding and purchasing the best hair care products on the market, we keep this page updated throughout the year. Check back often to find out what products are a must for your at-home hair care routine.


Featured Product of the Month

Magistral line from kerastase

Magistral line from Kerastase

The Magistral line was created to correct and rebalance severely damaged hair. All of the products in the line are the perfect remedy for Colorado’s cold and windy winters. Our stylists here at Serenity recommend more of the Magistral line product during January then any other of our offerings.

These products are designed to make your hair more supple and vibrant. The shampoo will remove dirt, nourishing your hair while also detangling. The conditioner will add an amazing amount of moisture to dried out hair. The balm applied to towel-dried hair will give you extra softness and vibrant shine. For all these reasons – the Magistral Line is our Featured Product of the Month.

We hope you’ll stop by Serenity to pick up any of these essential winter hair care products. We’re also offering Product Poker for any customers that purchase products from the salon this month. We hope you’ll take advantage of this fun promotion.


Have a wonderful January and we hope you’ll – Experience Serenity