Vitamins for your Hair

17 May 2017
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Vitamins for your Hair Vitamins for your hair may sound crazy, but for those of us in the industry – it’s well known that vitamins play an essential role in maintaining healthy and vibrant hair. Your hair consists of proteins, amino acids and vitamins. The more you use heat or color on your hair – the more you’re stripping away nutrition which is critical in maintaining a healthy head of hair. Diet also plays a huge role and if you’re skipping meals or ingesting less than quality foods – your hair will suffer. The less vitamins and nutrients you give to your hair translates to lack of growth, dull, dry and brittle.

Keep Hair Moisturized in Winter

13 Dec 2016
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Keep hair moisturized in Winter Is it possible to keep hair moisturized in winter? The short answer is, yes! Even here in Colorado where it can be extremely dry during our winter months, it’s still possible to keep your hair looking and feeling like you live in the tropics. Here are some tips and products to keep your hair moisturized thru the cold and dreary days of winter. Deep condition your hair – not only at the salon but also at home. Doing this at least once a week will go a long way towards keeping moisture in your hair. Here at Serenity Salon we recommend Masque Magistral by Kerastase. Masque.

Effortless Hair Styles

25 Oct 2016
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Effortless Hair Styles Effortless hair styles are some of our favorite hair techniques. With our busy schedules, we often find ourselves hurrying to get ready. With only a few minutes to spare, what’s a good hairstyle that’s quick and yet still looks cute? Here’s a few of our favorites: Braids, braids and braids! This year braided hair is the craze and best of all, most braided styles are quick to do once you’ve had a bit of practice. From Fishtails, to Milkmaids to French or multiple braids, there’s a lot of braid styles to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with pretty much any type of braid. They are easy.

Spice up your look for Fall

18 Aug 2016
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Spice up your look for Fall Spice up your look for Fall with a splash of amazing color! Tired of the same old look? Ready to dazzle your friends with an updated color for your hair? Serenity Salon has a couple of great suggestions for your hair, Babylights or a Balayage. Babylights are all the rage, giving your hair new dimensions while retaining the same overall look. Babylights are a microwaved highlight which adds color dimensions to your existing color, creating a more natural look. Babylights give our stylists a wide range of flexibility in how we can manipulate your hair color by either adding blonde or darker highlights depending on.

Pureology Nano Works Gold

06 Oct 2015
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Pureology Nano Works Gold Pureology Nano Works Gold is a favorite product here at Serenity Salon. Nano Works isn’t just a favorite product of our stylists, our customers love it as well! Many of our clientele have some type of color treated hair. Our clients are always searching for products that will maintain and strengthen hair which has been colored. Pureology Nano Works Gold fits the bill perfectly. It is the ideal product to restore natural movement, providing brilliant radiance and a youthful appearance. The addition of Golden Marula Oil is a major factor in the quick absorption of this product. Marula Oil is harvested in South Africa from the nut.

Fall Hairstyling Trends for 2015

11 Sep 2015
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Fall Hairstyling Trends for 2015 Serenity has the word on Fall hairstyling trends for 2015. This fall looks to be full of fun and fancy! There’s a lot of current trends in the world of hair. Our favorites are: Low Ponytails Deep Side Parts Messy French Twist and Chignon Bohemian Waves Leather Headbands/Accessories Hair Knots Half Up Style using Twists and Braids Using Hair Gel to Create a Sleek Headband Look Loose Waves with Middle Parts While all of these topics are near and dear to us, we think you should pay special attention to anything with a twist or braid. We’re also into Bohemian waves. The new version of.

Pureology Cleansing Conditioners

12 Aug 2015
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Pureology Cleansing Conditioners

Pureology Cleansing Conditioners Pureology has outdone itself once again with their line of Pureology Cleansing Conditioners. The conditioners, which are specifically designed for color treated hair, offer restorative care as well as gentle shampoo-free cleansing in one-step. One step means these formulas gently cleanse and moisturize hair at the same time. While these cleansers shouldn’t completely replace your shampoo, they do allow you to give your shampoo a break! The cleansers work similar to a shampoo by giving your hair and scalp a clean feeling without the harsh sulfates and detergents you’d typically expect. Who is best suited for this fabulous one step care? All color treated hair types, super.

Summer Hair Care Tips

07 Jul 2015
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Summer Hair Care Tips Serenity has 3 Summer hair care tips that will really help to keep your hair vibrant and radiant all season long! Summers can be awfully hard on our beautiful hair. We devote so much time and spend so much money to keep our hair looking fabulous, why let Summer ruin it? Between extra sunlight, more water exposure (ocean and chlorine), lots of ponytails, and probably some wind damage, how do we keep our hair in top notch condition? Here’s 3 great tips to keep your hair healthy and happy:  1. Clarifying Shampoo Ever see blonde hair turn green after swimming? It’s nothing a clarifying shampoo can’t.

Growing Long Healthy Hair

02 Jul 2015
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Growing Long Healthy Hair Growing long healthy hair is a lot harder than it may sound! As one of this season’s biggest trends this year is long hair, we thought we’d go over some key factors in keeping or growing your hair long. We’ll also mention a couple of important tips to avoid. First and foremost – if you want long, gorgeous hair you need to trim it often! If you’re serious about having luxurious long locks – then coming into the salon every 4+ months isn’t going to cut it. We’d suggest once a month if possible. If that’s not doable, at least once every 6 weeks. It’s important.

2015 Hair Trends

07 Apr 2015
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2015 Hair Trends 2015 hair trends look to be refreshing and exciting! Here at Serenity Salon, we stay on top of what the latest and greatest trends are. For 2015 the hottest trends for women are: Grow out your bob to the “long bob” aka the Lob with more bangs. Shag’s are getting longer with wavy layers. Get out those hot tools, i.e. curling irons and wands (available at Serenity). Spring hair colors are more natural hues. Or – go with richer browns, radiant reds and brilliant blonde. Pastel hair color is also in. Ombres are moving towards Sombres. Sombres will use blended, softer transitions to your lighter ends. Natural.